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You over 19? Do live in Toronto and buy weed? 

If you answered yes to all the questions, you can now buy, grow and consume marijuana. Residents are limited to grow a maximum of four plants per household. You are also allowed to share up to 30 grams of pot among adults who are over 19 years. Adults living in Ontario are allowed to carry up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in public. The only issue that the province has not yet legalized buying edibles, therefore you can only make these while at home. You need to learn the rules, and places where to buy weed in Ontario.

This article breaks down everything you need to know.

Where to Buy Weed In Toronto?weed delivery in Toronto Canada

When weed was legalized in Canada, new rules were set on how to regulate the growing and purchase of marijuana. Therefore, if you want to consume cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, then you must be well conversant with the rules. The only legalized way to buy cannabis is through the Ontario Cannabis Store. What you do is, make an order online and the weed will be delivered to the given address or your home. There is no particular store where you just walk in and buy some marijuana. Ensure that you provide your correct detail that is your age and the identity to accept deliveries.

TheMinimum Age

Like most states and provinces, the legal age to use marijuana is 19 years. You have to be at least 19 years old to buy, grow and use weed. This age requirement also applies to sell and using alcohol and tobacco.

How Much Weed Can I Buy?

Shoppers are only allowed to buy only two kinds of marijuana. The two types that you can either purchase are the oils and the flower. The flowers are the kind that people smoke while the oils are those meant for ingesting. One is only allowed 30 grams of dried marijuana or less when in public.

Where Can One Use Cannabis?

The new marijuana rules should be followed strictly due to the harsh fines imposed on the lawbreakers. The best place for one to enjoy weed is in the comfort of their homes. You can smoke from your balcony or any free area within the building. You ought to be careful and make sure that cannabis smoking is allowed in your apartment otherwise you will be fined $1000.

Using Weed At Work

Marijuana can make you feel positive, happy, relaxed and even creative. For that reason, other people carry and use marijuana while working. However, using weed while at work is illegal unless it is for medical purposes. And it is for medical use, ensure that you inform your manager and other employees to create a safe workplace.


As of October 17 2018, recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada. Rules and regulations were set to ensure that people use marijuana responsibly. Ontario has implemented zero tolerance for anyone found driving while high. Regardless of your license status, you will be heavily fined in the case found driving under the influence of weed.Marijuana slows down your judgment and reaction time on the roads. This can lead to accidents on the roads.